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iCatch is a national training network for Irish river catchment-based eNGOs whose core objective is to protect, restore and improve the natural water bodies in their locality. When you join iCatch you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Reference for the group and commit to engaging meaningfully for the benefit of the members. As this is the pilot phase of the network there is currently a limit of 15 members.

The maximum membership of the iCatch Network will not exceed 15 organisations, while the network is involved in the Training Links Programme.

  • It is a requirement to be part of the iCatch Network to have provided:

  • A tax clearance certificate

  • and a copy of the constitution showing that the main objective of the organisation is to protect, restore and improve the natural waterbodies in their locality.

  • Each member organisation will be required to promote the activities of the network and capture feedback.

The iCatch Network is funded through The Wheel’s Training Links Programme which is funded by the Department of Further & Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, and by LAWPRO.

More information on the programme can be viewed at

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