About iCatch Network

The purpose of iCatch is:

  • to enhance the leadership and management skills of Irish river catchment-based NGOs, to increase organisational impact, including strong governance, well-formed strategy, and agile and effective management and planning.

  • to promote and support a cohesive and organisational-led approach to training and learning among the Irish river catchment-based NGOs, enabling increased awareness of and access to training options.

  • to promote and encourage collaboration within and between a network of members so that ideas, initiatives and best practice in training and development can be identified and shared, resulting in cost-effective and innovative solutions to joint training needs.

  • to facilitate the provision of quality customised training by supporting the development of new, or innovative, or flexible training methodologies, in order to deliver more relevant, effective, efficient and user-friendly training solutions.

  • The Irish Rivers Trust conference in 2019 identified the need for supports for fledgling catchment-based organisations. Priority themes were identified as:

  • Developing strong governance, well-formed strategy, and effective management and planning

  • Developing new approaches to earning income and fundraising; and working with statutory funding partners

  • Upskilling and reskilling to accommodate successfully the changes necessary to ensure safe working environments in a COVID-19 context.

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